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On 2nd October,2004, the day of Gandhi Jayanthi. We conducted the “Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme” called P.O.W.E.R. (Providind the Oppertunity for Women Entrepreneurship Development & Resource) at our adopted village High School, Kalverampalayam, Coimbatore-46.

The responce to this project is more than our expectation and the participants exceedind 60 in number are showing much interest and enthusiasm in learing the project. The resources of the participants are being taped through intensive training by the pilot faculty rotary Ann Mrs.Kannatha Singaram, Fashion designer. Trainess learn Forty Five Days Embriodary free training course which includes, Free Hand, Kantha, Kutch work, Kasuthi, Zardosi, Counted Thread, Muhesk Khashidha.

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Freedom of Indian women is depends on Economical freedom. The Mission of P.O.W.E.R is to use their efficiency to furn them to reach Economical freedom.


To make self income with use Indian women ultimate freedom, so that they will reach the Economical freedom through bring out their hidden talents. Those talents will be ventured with latest technological availability, so that it brings awareness on making their own income and own satisfaction.


Women’s living below the poverty line Widows, Orphan women, Unemployed women society and women who searching for self employments are been organized together and been trained with self entrepreneurship and creating then a stable income. Non capital investments to make a consistent income and strengthen the business further and making them to give opportunity to the unemployed society.

The mission of P.O.W.E.R is working on it.

By providing raw meterials and machineries for their comfortable productions.
Continuous training by getting them a marketing source and service. To Help them for a business promotions